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  •  A Faith Led Initiative | A Community's Place to Heal


What is a Safe Haven

Safe Haven network churches in response to tragedies in the community will activate. Providing a safe place where anyone can go to get support following a tragic incident. Everyone is welcome to recieve support at safe havens regardless of your religious beliefs. Most Safe Haven activations are for 2 days

How can a Safe Haven help

Depending on your individual healing process

  • If you seek spiritual care, church members can pray with you, discuss concerns, or simply listen
  • If you want social care, neighbors & community members can offer compassionate support & help you talk through what you are feeling. 
  • If you need specialized assistance, on-site professionals can connect you with a variety of services

Safe Haven

Is a chance for the local church, neighbors & community to come together. You can find

  •  Professional Well-being & Spiritual care for individuals & families.
  • Compassionate Support
  • Community conversation
  • Quiet time
  • Refreshments
  • Child Care
  • Access to resources


About Us

How We're Helping


A church within the Safe Haven network may be activated to provide a safe location where anyone can go to get support after a traumatic incident. EVERYONE is welcome regardless of religious belief. Wellness specialists are onsite for professional support and to connect attendees with services they want. Like our Facebook page to stay updated. 


Safe Haven On Site


Day One of a Safe Haven activation is usually at or near location of tragic incident. Giving the affected community an opportunity to safely gather and process the effects of recent events. 

A Community's Place to Heal


By bringing the local church and community into the healing process we create environments and opportunities to overcome in the face of tragedy